Digital Marketing Solution For Retail Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels

For fellow Filipino Small Business Owners, especially coffeeshop, cafe, restaurant, spa and hotel owners and marketing team:

“How To Automate Your Digital Marketing and Get More Loyal, Engaged and Happy Customers for Your Business”


Dear Fellow Business Owners and Marketers,

You have your own physical place of business with customers going through your doors. You know that 80% of your revenues come from 20% of your loyal, returning customers. You know that sending them your latest promos and offerings, asking them for feedback, and generally building a relationship with them to have them returning to your place is imperative to your business. You know that this is marketing: connecting your business to your customers.

With a million and one things to do, you would not have time nor resources to do digital marketing. And even if you have a dedicated, marketing team, it takes a lot of effort of doing repetative, manual tasks.

What if there is a better way of doing the menial but important stuff, like collecting your customer’s details, introducing them to your business, and asking for feedbacks? What if you can differentiate yourselves from your competitors by having a unique customer acquisition and loyalty program? And what if you can do all (well, most of it) automatically? We know that time is resource that business owners, like you, is very valuable. That’s why we outline our Business Solution into an Automated Digital Marketing Playbook.

Our Automated Digital Marketing Playbook Would Show You How We Can:

Get the Automated Digital Marketing Playbook

  • Collect your in-store customers’ profile using a value-added-service you may already been offering: free Wi-fi
  • Increase your business’ Facebook ‘Likes’ from your actual customers without paying for Facebook Ads
  • Encourage word-of-mouth marketing of your business on Facebook
  • Increase visits to your website or a blogs that has a good review about your business
  • Grow your customer mailing list
  • Automatically send marketing emails: Welcome, Ask for a Review, Happy Birthday greetings and a lot more
  • Easily create beautiful and professionally designed emails (monthly newsletters, promotions and holiday greetings) to send to your customer mailing list
  • Run customer acquisition and loyalty promotions using YOUR OWN mobile app
  • And a lot more…

No matter how big or small your business is, as long as you want to take the first step of automating your marketing programs, this business solution is for you. To know more about our Digital Marketing Solutions, please fill up the form below. We will be sending you our playbook to show you how we can do all of these for your business.


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